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I am creating a link page for my retailers’ websites on my corporate blog, and I can’t help but to notice that a majority of the websites’ Alexa data have poor rankings. Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t necessarily believe that Alexa is the pure “be all, end all” way to accurately gauge a website’s popularity.

However, it does at least provide a bit of insight as to whether a site may or may not have decent visibility. And the higher the Alexa Traffic Rank (1,000,000, 2,000,000 etc.), the lower the actual visibility probably is.

I manually created links to about 60 retailers so far, and hardly any seem like they have decent Internet presence. In fact, most jewelry manufacturers in general have fairly well hidden websites unless they sell direct.

If I was a store, I’d want my jewelry website to be a local sensation that capitalizes on the association between what brands that I carry to my area’s customers. But rarely do I see this happen. For example, the term “New York jewelry” earns approximately 90,000 local monthly searches*, while the term “New York watches” gets about 60,000.

While neither of those terms as domains is available, certainly a store in that area can figure out how to include those terms in their brand-related content (i.e. titles of articles, image tags, keyword phrasing) and take advantage of the potential extra traffic.

A simple WordPress blog extension to a domain can work wonders. You can even host unlimited blogs via GoDaddy.com for under $200 a year. Yes – this all takes time and work. But working with jewelry and watch brands to help create local – and original – online content might be the way to break through to an audience that’s currently untapped.

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JewelryAdvertise.net began as a very niche site that was reaching nor more than a dozen or two visitors a week. Now? It’s up to nearly 7,000 unique visitors a month, and steadily growing. The best part is that all my traffic comes from unpaid sources.

I paid to be part of a wedding planning app featured on iTunes, and that wasn’t very successful. I’ve been able to move ahead with a little bit of time, a lot of energy, steady effort and diversified content. It’s not always easy, but I have to say that it’s worth it!

One other way to boost your business online is to work with affiliates. Basically, you can get in touch with niche bloggers with a certain amount of visibility and get them to promote or talk about your products. For example, in the diamond ring niche, Beyond4Cs.com by a blogger called Paul Gian writes about useful content that guides shoppers towards buying diamonds.

If you are a new jewelry business who needs exposure, getting social influencers to help you generate buzz is the best and most efficient ways to gain traction.

No matter the niche you are in, there’s always people you can find to build your business together.

Learn all you need to know about blogging at The Daily SEO Blog. And believe me when I say – there’s MORE growth to come!