silver rings

As with every product, its life span will depend on the care you give it. These are some helpful hints on how to look after your silver pieces.

1. To maintain the original condition of your silver jewelry, polish your pieces regularly using a non-abrasive cleaning cloth.

2. Soap and water will also help keep your silver looking good. Remember not to dry silver off with paper towels or tissues. Instead, you should always use a soft cloth.

3. When you are NOT wearing your silver jewerly, store them in a cool, dry place. Zip-lock bags and individual cloth pouches are ideal for this and will help prevent both tarnishing or scratching by other pieces. What causes silver to tarnish is air and when it is not in use, the more you keep it sealed away from the environment, the less it will tarnish.

Other Guidelines For Storage – when you don’t care to use plastic bags

In-Expensive Anti-tarnish strips: You can find them online, at jewelry stores and even hardware stores. Hagerty Silver Strips or 3M Anti-Tarnish Strips helps to absorb sulfuric gases that cause tarnish. These methods are a safe and economical way to stay tarnish free.

You can just lay them within a drawer or cut them up for compartments or smaller drawers. These strips last at least 6 months and you can label/date them so you know when to replace them.

Note: Your jewelry does not need to be laid on them. Simply place them in the same drawer together.

Silica Gel granules: Do not throw away those little packets that come in your jewelry box, new purse, shoes etc.! These little packs absorb moisture in the air and retard tarnish.

Lack of air movement can cause a moist environment. Add one or more to each drawer to help keep your jewelry box interior dry. Since these silica gel come with most everything you buy nowadays, you will be able to save quite a tidy sum of money overtime.

You can also store them sealed in a plastic bag and keep them in a dark cool place for future use. This will keep them from absorbing moisture before you actually need to use them. You should change them every few months in humid climates because they will lose their effectiveness overtime.

Chalk: Standard blackboard or sidewalk chalk can be used in a jewelry box. It has wonderful absorption qualities and a little piece will work for months to control moisture / humidity.