king of diamond branding

The art of creating a brand identity for any product is certainly a daunting and overwhelming task especially if you are a small business owner with limited budgets.

The key to creating a successful brand requires careful planning and effective strategies to put in action. First of all, a proper and effective brand identity is crucial to the success of any company selling a niche product.

The successful marketing of any product is almost always a byproduct and commensurate with the effort of launching a well designed brand image/theme for that product.

This is especially true in the world of loose diamonds and designer diamond jewelry. This is because it is exceedingly difficult to differentiate one diamond from the next when they are regarded as commodities.

It takes the special and creative talent of a select few to successfully market a diamond brand by bringing it to the attention of the general public.

Hearts on Fire Diamonds, & The Tiffany Lucida Diamond are a few examples of successful diamond marketing that’s done right.

One strategic branding and marketing agency in New York City is featured in Raymond A. Nadeau’s ground-breaking new book, Living Brands: Collaboration + Innovation = Customer Fascination.

This company is spearheaded by Jim Feldman and his creative partner Barbara Bonn and is well known for their approach to developing unique brand identities for its clients.

Nadeau calls Jim Feldman and his creative partner, Barbara Bonn, among “today’s finest creative and cultural minds.” He focuses on their work for one of the world’s largest producers of yellow diamonds; the Louis Glick Diamond Corporation.

Acknowledging that customers have been “brainwashed” about the superiority of white diamonds, JFCD rejected the sentimental stereotypes of traditional jewelry marketing. Instead, he identified a new, fashion-oriented target market for the company’s stones by naming them Blonde Diamonds®.

The agency’s launch ad campaign featured glamorous dark-haired women and headlines such as “Meet a Natural Blonde” and “New Blonde in Town.” It immediately gained popularity and became viral.

Jim Feldman, President of JFCD, says, “In essence, we created the first brand-name for yellow diamond jewelry, which had always been treated as a commodity. Our campaign strategy was to engage the emotions of women for whom acquiring diamond jewelry involves self-worth, self-esteem and often self-purchase.

‘Blonde’ has connotations of luxury, sophistication and passion that resonate with these women. The humor of the headlines caught their attention; the remarkable beauty of the jewelry brought them into the stores. We love the idea that our brand name is becoming the generic for yellow diamonds.”

We hoped this write up has offered you some insights and ideas to performing your own marketing for your jewelry products. Good luck!